Sunshine is NOT currently hiring summer only staff.

Sunshine Day Camp is located in Santa Clarita, California.  We have 8 programs (6 school age programs and 2 small preschool programs), at 6 elementary school locations in Santa Clarita.  We are currently on the school campuses of:

  1. Fair Oaks Elementary (Canyon County, CA)
  2. Mitchell Elementary (Canyon County, CA)
  3. Oak Hills Elementary (Valencia, CA)
  4. Pico Canyon Elementary (Stevenson Ranch, CA)
  5. Stevenson Ranch Elementary (Stevenson Ranch, CA)
  6. Valencia Valley Elementary (Valencia, CA)

You can find these locations on the contact page of our site.

We do NOT own or operate the two large Sunshine preschools on Wiley Canyon or Newhall Ranch Road.

We are always looking for talented, hard-working, caring individuals who are excellent role models to children.  If interested in employment, please fill out the online application after reading the information contained below.  We will contact you for an interview should a position for your qualifications arise.

Please note: we do not typically hire summer only staff.  We are always accepting applications for school-age positions.

Before Applying-Before applying we encourage you to review some of the qualifications below.  While we have two small preschool classes, our program primarily consists of after-school programs, working with school-age children (grades K-6).  90% of our positions are part-time positions known as counselors.  Entry positions at Sunshine are part-time.

So what Do We Look For in a Potential Sunshine Employee? Working with children is a special opportunity, which is why we take special care in the people we hire! Sunshine counselors are sensitive, caring, and enthusiastic leaders! Our staff are people centered, and have no problem in communicating with our parents and children. Most importantly, our staff must be excellent role models for children. Per Sate regulations, all employees must go through a livescan background check. To work at Sunshine, you must have a clean background, meaning no criminal convictions (including misdemeanors).

Here are a few requirements to be considered:

  • By law, and as noted above, child care employees in California must be free from any prior criminal conviction.  If hired, staff will be undergo a criminal clearance and child abuse background check.
  • Staff must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Availability-Staff are required to work from daily Monday through Friday at minimum, between the hours of 2-5.  More hours are typically available to staff, if desired.
  • Staff must be willing to take ECE (child development) college courses.  At least 3 semester units must be taken within the first six months of working.  Prior completion is preferred.