2017 Camp Begins Monday, June 19


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Are you looking for more than just “child care” for your child this summer? Do you want to give your child an action packed summer experience they will remember forever? Well, look no further…Sunshine has it all!  For more than 32 years Sunshine has been providing quality summer camp programs to the families and children of Santa Clarita! Sunshine boasts an all-inclusive program of summer day camps for all ages and interests. We offer different “types” of camps at many convenient locations throughout Santa Clarita. See below for a general description of each of our camps.

The Sunshine Day Camp Difference

Why Choose Sunshine Day Camp’s Summer Camp? There are many summer camp options available to you this summer! So why choose Sunshine Day Camp?  Here are just a few reasons why:

Our Program-Did you know that many summer camps run by their own set of rules? As a licensed childcare, Sunshine Day Camp operates under the strict requirements of the State of California. This, coupled with our child-focused philosophy, provides your family with an exceptional camp experience!

2 Types of Camp, 7 Convenient Locations-Sunshine is excited to offer summer camp at seven convenient locations in Santa Clarita.  Here is a look at each of the camps we offer:

  1. Adventure Camp (Entering Grades K-6)-Ready for a good ol’ fashioned summer camp? Adventure Camp is an affordable, yet action packed summer experience for your child. This camp is designed for elementary age child. The program features special guest entertainers, exciting themed on campus days, and optional weekly field trips to places like Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm.  That’s right, you have the option of attending the field trip, or staying on-campus with an exciting theme day.  The stay back option allows for parents that prefer to have their child stay at the facility instead of attending field trips.  What’s more, it provides a less expensive alternative.  This summer we will have 6 Adventure Camp locations:  Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary (Canyon Country), Mitchell Elementary (Canyon Country), Oak Hills Elementary (Valencia/Westridge), Pico Canyon Elementary (Stevenson Ranch), Stevenson Ranch Elementary (Stevenson Ranch), and Valencia Valley Elementary (Valencia).  You can find the addresses and phone for each of these locations by clicking here.
  2. Travel Camp (Entering Grades 4-9)-Travel Camp is designed for older campers who are ready for summer camp “kicked up a notch.”  This camp does exactly what the name implies, TRAVEL! Campers enjoy three included field trips per week to places like Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm, Angels Baseball Game, Magic Mountain, Sky High, and much more!  In addition, Travel Camp takes weekly trips to the beach.  This year we will again hold Travel Camp at Legacy Academy: 27680 Dickason Dr., Valencia, CA. 91355.  Phone number for Travel Camp until June 19, 2017 is (661) 254-2687.  Phone number after camp begins (June 19, 2017) is (661) 257-7377.

X9rau9n0RntzuNbK8Z4pe5jNhFI3T-W8_lNF8rvk-yQOur Activities-Throughout the summer campers enjoy a variety of on-campus theme days and activities. These days are carefully crafted and planned to suit the interest of all personality types. In addition to the theme days, we are excited to have special guest entertainers and rallies! In addition to our theme days, each camp offers field trips.

Children are organized by grade/age to allow for common interests and ability. This also provides smaller group size allowing for more individual attention.

Our Staff-Not only do we take special pride in the programs we offer, but we also take special care in the people we hire! Sunshine counselors are sensitive, caring, and enthusiastic leaders! At Sunshine your child will not just be a number!  We strive to reach out to provide a unique experience for each of our campers.  This mission has helped set apart Sunshine from our competitors over the last 30 years.

Staff Training & Background-Each of our staff, year-round or summer only, goes through a very rigorous background check and training process. Each is screened through the Department of Justice, Child Abuse Index, and FBI to ensure they are completely record free. What’s more, they are required to attend 8 hours of core training, new employee orientation, summer camp orientation, and video training (including positive reinforcement, positive & appropriate discipline techniques, and effective child supervision). This knowledge is tested through different comprehensive tests. All of which prepares the employee to understand and live the… Sunshine Way!

Staff to Child Ratio-We recently discovered a competitor charging a lower tuition cost as compared to Sunshine. While looking into the program more we discovered one of the ways they are able to charge less: their child to staff ratio. According to their website, campers are not with constant adult supervision while on field trips. Instead, the children “check-in” with the staff throughout the trip. In addition, the competitors child to staff ratios when on campus are 20 children to 1 staff. That WILL NOT happen at Sunshine! Children are always under constant adult supervision on campus and on field trips. Further, the ratios at all times are typically around 12 children to 1 adult. During water activities, our ratios are 6 to 1. We feel that more quality supervision equals a safer environment and better experience for your child!

Before enrolling in another summer camp, we encourage you to find out their staff to child ratio, on campus and while on field trips.

Character-Built into every aspect of Sunshine Day Camp’s DNA is character. It resonates in the staff we hire, it is evident in the way we act around children, and clear in our policies and practices. We are all about the child and family!

Facilities-Did you know that many summer camps do not have access to indoor facilities the entire day? At Sunshine, we have safe, decorated, kid-friendly, and climate controlled facilities throughout the day—a necessity given Santa Clarita’s hot weather!

What’s New for 2017?

Every year we reinvent our calendar of themed days to provide your child with a new and exciting experience. Whether they have been with us for many years, or just one, your child will be entertained. We are so excited for this year’s camp!

At Each Adventure Camp location, we will continue to offer the option to attend the field trip, or stay on campus.  This provides care options for different needs.  The base pricing for Adventure Camp includes on campus care only.  To add a field trip, simply select the optional field trip when enrolling, and pay the field trip fee.  The stay back option provides an action packed summer without the major costs of field trips.  Stay back care is NOT available with our Travel Camp program.

Adventure Camp-No Field Trip

Adventure Camp-With Field Trip

Travel Camp

Eligibility Entering grades K-6 Entering grades 1-6 Entering grades 4-9
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Mitchell
  • Oak Hills
  • Pico Canyon
  • Valencia Valley
  • Stevenson Ranch
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Mitchell
  • Oak Hills
  • Pico Canyon
  • Valencia Valley
  • Stevenson Ranch
  • One Location Legacy Academy (located off Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia)
Description This camp follows is designed to provide an action-packed summer at a more affordable cost.  It may also be the preference for families that prefer for their child to stay on campus.  It follows the exact same theme day schedule as the Adventure Camp w/field trip.  We offer the expertise of guest entertainers, incredible on campus activities that include arts & crafts projects, cooking projects, sports activities, and games to enhance your child’s summer camp experience. The Adventure Camp with Field Trip option is designed for our elementary school age children, entering grades 1-6. In addition to the regular Adventure Camp fun, this option features 1 field trip per week.  The optional cost to attend is listed on the Cost Form of the enrollment paperwork, but typically runs between $15-$35.  The price includes the admission ticket, transportation, and our 12:1 child to staff ratio.  Some of this year’s field trips include: Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, Golf-n-Stuff (in Ventura), Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, Aquarium of the Pacific, a day trip featuring two locations (Scooter’s Jungle & Bowling), and two trips to the beach (BBQ lunch included). This camp is designed for our campers who are ready to explore what Southern California has to offer. Our Travel Camp boasts the expertise of guest entertainers and incredible on campus days that will challenge the athletic ability and the minds of our campers. We offer field trips to exciting places throughout the Santa Clarita Valley as well as Southern California three times per week.  Without a doubt, our Travel Camp is TOP NOTCH and will exceed the wildest dreams of each of our campers!
2017 Calendar 2017 Adventure Camp Calendar 2017 Adventure Camp Calendar 2017 Travel Camp Calendar
2017 Pricing
Adventure Camp-No Field Trip
*Early Bird Tuition
5 Days $175
3 Days $155
2 Days $135
Adventure Camp-With Field Trip
*Early Bird Tuition
5 Days $175 + field trip cost
3 Days $155 + field trip cost
2 Days $135 + field trip cost
Travel Camp-Field Trips Included (3 per week)
*Early Bird Tuition
5 Days $250
3 Days $230
2 Days $205
General Information Annual Registration Fee: $25 (Non-Sunshine Day Camp/Legacy Families).Tuition:  Tuition is charged weekly, but billed in two sessions.  Session #1 includes weeks 1-4.  Session #2 includes weeks 5-9.

*Early Bird Deadline–Save $20 Per Week, Per Child: Take advantage of our EARLY BIRD tuition discount by enrolling by Friday, May 19, 2017! By taking advantage of the EARLY BIRD program, you could be saving up to $20 per week, per child, off the regular weekly tuition rate. Please review the proper steps below on how to take advantage of this offer.

  1. The Early Bird tuition discount entitles your family to save $20 off of the regular weekly tuition rate per child.
  2. To take advantage of the Early Bird tuition rate, registration paperwork, and registration fee (new families only) must be received by Friday, May 19.
  3. First Tuition Payment, Session #1 (weeks 1-4), is due Friday, June 9th.
  4. Second Tuition Payment, Session #2 (weeks 5-9), is due Friday, July 7th.
  5. If payment is not received by the deadlines listed above, the Early Bird tuition rate cannot be applied to your account.

Paperwork necessary for the Early Bird deadline includes: Summer Camp Registration/Cost Form, Contract and Consent, Enrollment Application, Enrollment Agreement, and Consent for Medical Treatment.

*Cancelation or Change Deadline: Sunshine offers a 100% no penalty cancelation policy – if the cancelation is made prior to the deadline.

  • The deadline to cancel a week of camp from session #1 (weeks 1-4) is Friday, June 9
  • The deadline to cancel a week of camp from session #2 (weeks 5-9) is Friday, July 7
  • NEED TO MAKE CHANGES?  Click here for the Change Form

A week/class may be canceled after the cancelation deadline. However, if a week/class is canceled after the deadline, you will be required to pay as follows:

  • To receive the 50% refund, you must provide at least a one-week (5 business day) notice – prior to the week you wish to cancel. Your request must be made in writing by using the available Change Form (enclosed with your paperwork and available at each location’s front desk).
  • Canceling a week/class with less than one week (5 business day) notice will require a 100% payment for the tuition cost of that particular week, regardless of reason for non-attendance.

A week may be changed in the same manner as outlined in the above cancelation policy.

Please understand that Sunshine’s advance reservation of busses, field trip tickets, hiring of staff, the purchasing of supplies, and other programming needs are based on camper reservations.

Camp Hours (Adventure Camp & Travel Camp): Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Field trip day times vary. Refer to weekly information sheets for more detail. Extended care, at our Adventure and Travel Camp, is available from 6:30 am – 6:30 pm at no additional cost.

For enrichment classes, please refer to the registration form for hours and extended care options.

Field Trips: Please refer to weekly information sheet for departure and arrival times. If departure times are adhered to, your child may miss the trip. For Travel Camp, there is no stay back care field trip days.

Lunches: For on-campus days, campers can bring their own lunch or purchase a hot lunch for $5. Due to theme parks not allowing lunches onto their premises, money may need to be sent on field trips. Sunshine will provide nutritious snack early morning and late afternoon hours.

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?  Click here to see some of the frequently asked questions.

Enrollment Forms You can enroll at any of our Sunshine facilities.  For your convenience, we have included the forms online as well.  Please see below for details:


Download the 2017 Brochure by clicking here.

Download the Change Form here.

Please bring forms to the nearest Sunshine Day Camp location.