Why Sunshine Summer Camp?

By Mick Mehl | Executive Director, Sunshine Day Camp

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On Monday, March 2, we released our 2015 summer camp information on our website, http://www.sunshinedaycamp.com/summer-camps/. As we welcome a new summer to the Santa Clarita Valley, our thoughts naturally turn to what can we do this year to provide the greatest summer camp for our child. For over 30 years, Sunshine Day Camp has provided a dynamic program for many children in the SCV community. This year is no exception! In fact, Sunshine has revamped our summer program to provide an even greater summer experience for your child. Simply put, this year’s summer camp is second to none! What makes Sunshine Day Camp different from our competitors? Here are just a few:

Our Staff-Not only do we take special pride in the programs we offer, but we also take special care in the people we hire! Sunshine counselors are sensitive, caring, and enthusiastic leaders! At Sunshine your child will receive individual attention and you will experience the personal touch that has made our camp so special for over 30 years.

Staff Training & Background-Each of our staff, year-round or summer only, goes through a very rigorous background check and training process. Each is screened through the Department of Justice, Child Abuse Index, and FBI to ensure they are completely record free. What’s more, they are required to attend 8 hours of core training, new employee orientation, summer camp orientation, and video training (including positive reinforcement, discipline, and supervision). This knowledge is tested through two different comprehensive tests. All of which prepares the employee to understand and live the…Sunshine Way!

Staff to Child Ratio-We recently discovered that a neighboring camp, non-Sunshine, allows some of their kid groups to be without constant adult supervision while on field trips. Instead, the kids simply “check-in” with the staff throughout the trip. Well, that WILL NOT happen at Sunshine Day Camp!

While we are mandated by the State to a 14 to 1 child to staff ratio, Sunshine provides ratios typically around 10 to 1, on campus and while on field trips. During water activities, our ratios are 6 to 1. What’s more, in addition to our training and background checks, each staff member is an adult that has either completed high school and/or is at least 18 years or older.

Before enrolling in another summer camp, be sure to find out their staff to child ratio, on campus and while on field trips!

Our Program-Did you know that many summer camps run by their own set of rules? As a licensed childcare, Sunshine Day Camp operates under the strict requirements of the State of California. This, coupled with our child-focused philosophy, provides your family with an exceptional camp experience!

Character-Built into every aspect of the Sunshine Day Camp DNA is character. It resonates in the staff we hire, it is evident in the way we act around children, and clear in our policies and practices. We are all about the child and family!

Activities-Throughout the summer your child will enjoy a variety of on campus theme days and activities. These days are carefully crafted and planned to suit the interest of all personality types. In addition to the theme days, we are excited to have special guest entertainers and rallies! Some theme days this year include:

  • Minion Mayhem-Children will experience minion games, crafts, other activities, and may even find a new leader. BANANA!
  • Friendship Day-One of our most popular days! Kids enjoy creating and displaying their own secret handshake, play teamwork-based games, make gifts and learn more about other camper’s activities and interests.

Most days, the children are organized by grade/age to allow for common interests and ability. This also provides smaller group size allowing for more individual attention.

Facilities-Did you know that many summer camps do not have access to indoor facilities the entire day? At Sunshine, we have safe, decorated, kid-friendly, and climate controlled facilities throughout the day—a necessity given Santa Clarita’s hot weather!

These are just a few ways that makes Sunshine Day Camp unique. If you haven’t tried Sunshine’s summer camp, we encourage you to give us a try. You, or your child, will not be disappointed!

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