Sunshine Day Camp COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update

CURRENT STATUS:  There are no mandates impacting our program currently.  Operation is normal at this time.

As a licensed childcare, Sunshine Day Camp must follow mandates per State and local County health orders.  Please note that these orders change regularly (more restrictive and less restrictive depending on infection rate/tier).  Sunshine Day Camp does its best to review health orders regularly and adapt to updated mandates and recommendations.

While at the facility, children, parents, and staff are expected to follow all current county mandates as specified for childcare programs.

Safe & FUN

Sunshine Day Camp has always been focused on maintaining a balance of being safe and fun.  Even when mandates require modification to our program, we work diligently on creative ways to have FUN with the children.  So, even if things look different (due to a government mandate) we will find a way to make each day FUN!

Fluid Plan of Operation

Sunshine Day Camp closely monitors and complies with COVID-19 health orders from LA County Department of Public Health.  Since health orders can change from week to week, Sunshine Day Camp does its best to update policy as we receive them, and as best interpreted.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we do our best to implement any required mandate.

While following the regulations may help reduce exposure it does not guarantee that a staff or child will not be exposed to COVID-19 or sickened from it.

Daily Health Screening & Self-Certification

Parents are asked to be vigilant by looking for any illness of their child by pre-screening and self-certifying they are well before bringing them to the facility (e.g. no fever or other illness symptoms).

Staff and children who are displaying symptoms of illness will NOT be permitted to enter the building.

Parents are asked to adhere to physician and/or CDC and Los Angeles County Health recommendations regarding isolation and proper care management to reduce the spreading of communicable illness.

Modified Hours of Operation

In order to properly staff, follow local/State mandates, Sunshine Day Camp may temporarily modify the hours of operation and programming.  We will provide as much notice as possible if these modifications are necessary.

Face Mask Requirement

There is NO current mandate regarding masking at childcare centers or schools. 

Modified School Support

The COVID-19 Pandemic required schools across the nation to make significant modifications to classroom schedules.

Currently all the schools we service in Santa Clarita are open for full day instruction.  If the school schedules are modified again, Sunshine Day Camp will adapted the program so that we can support remote learning experience, and provided daily childcare.  No matter what happens with school schedules, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Positive COVID-19 Cases

In the event that there is a known or suspected case of COVID-19 within our center, we will notify LA County health officials and follow their suggested guidance, which may include quarantine of close contacts.

When required by LADPH, families of the center will be notified of positive COVID-19 cases, that we are made aware of.  Due to privacy requirements, names of individuals with known or suspected COVID-19 infection will not be released.

Travel Restrictions

Parents and Staff are encouraged to follow all local County and State orders regarding travel restrictions.

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Sunshine Day Camp has been working closely with State and Local Health officials to provide safe and quality care during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sunshine Day Camp provides childcare options for families in the Santa Clarita Valley, including the Castaic School District, Newhall School District, and Sulphur Springs School District.