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COVID-19 Modifications

Yes, we are OPEN!  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sunshine Day Camp will be temporarily modifying care to comply with State and Local health orders.  As a result, our summer program will look different than the past, but these modifications will allow us to provide the safest care possible for your child.  Please review below some of the important steps we are taking to provide your family with safe childcare.

Modified School Schedule Support in the Fall

The COVID-19 Pandemic has required schools across the nation to make significant modifications to classroom schedules.  Sunshine Day Camp has been working closely with the Sulphur Springs and Newhall School District to provide care options for your family, no matter what the fall classroom schedule will look like.  Rest assured, if you need child care, Sunshine Day Camp is here to help!

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Safe & FUN

Sunshine Day Camp has always been focused on maintaining a balance of being safe and fun.  While there are many new requirements designed to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, we have been working diligently on creative ways we can have FUN.  Things will look different when we return, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it and still have fun!  This includes weekly themes, dress up days, fun games and activities all while following local and State guidelines and safety measures.

For a look at our weekly summer themes, click here

Safety is Our #1 Priority

On March 13, Sunshine Day Camp temporarily closed in an effort to support the Stay-At-Home Orders (California and Los Angeles County) and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  During the closure, Sunshine Day Camp restocked supplies (e.g. hand sanitizer stations, paper products, non-touch thermometers, PPE, and EPA disinfectants/cleaners designed to kill COVID-19) and created new policies and provisions to support State and local requirements of childcare programs.  While childcare is considered an essential service, we wanted to be sure we were offering care that was safe!

While Sunshine Day Camp is reopening, it will be opening under a “new normal”.   These new precautions must be implemented to help reduce the spread and risk of contracting COVID-19.  While these modifications are necessary and prudent for a safer environment for the children and staff, they are also mandated by the State (Department of Social Services), and local authorities.  We ask for your patience, understanding, and support to these modifications.  Our success of a safe and healthy reopening will be largely in part to your adherence to these policies.

Important Note: Our plan of operation focuses on reducing exposure and the spread of COVID-19. While this plan is thorough and comprehensive, and based on current recommendations, it does not guarantee that a staff or child will not be exposed to COVID-19 or sickened from it.

See our Sunshine Day Camp COVID-19 Plan of Operation by clicking here

Fluid Plan of Operation

COVID-19 health order requirements will remain in place until LA County of Health and Department of Social Services modifies the orders.  Sunshine Day Camp continues to monitor those entities closely and will update as we are able to.  We want to get back to normal as much as you do!  In the meantime, the new policies and procedures are designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we do our best to implement them in.  Plan on taking a bit more time for the drop off and pick up process over the first few days.

Prompt Notification of COVID-19 Cases

In the event that there is a known or suspected case of COVID-19 within our center, we will notify LA County health officials and follow their suggested guidance, including temporary closure to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The duration of closure will be at the guidance of local health officials.

Families of the center will be notified of those cases as well, and the guidance given by the County.  Due to privacy requirements, names of individuals with known or suspected COVID-19 infection will not be released.

Care Options Beginning June 1

Signing up for care has never been easier, OR more flexible!  Parents can select one week or all weeks of care for the summer of 2020.  In addition, you can change the number of days for each selected week.  For example, you can come one week all 5 days and then another week for just 2 days.  Each week will be priced accordingly.

Summer Full day is priced as follows:

  • 5 Days-$220 per week
  • 3 Days-$190 per week
  • 2 Days-$170 per week

Locations: June 1-Start of School

During this first phase of reopening, Sunshine Day Camp will open at the following locations as of June 1:

Facility Phone Number Address
Fair Oaks Ranch (661) 424-1900 26933 N. Silverbell Ln., Canyon Country, CA 91387
Pico Canyon (661) 288-7983 25255 Pico Canyon Rd., Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381
Valencia Valley (661) 254-2687 23601 Carrizo Drive, Valencia, CA 91355

Families of any of our seven (7) locations are able to enroll and begin June 1, at any one of the three (3) locations above.  Families not currently enrolled may also enroll now.  As numbers grow, we will begin opening our other center locations as needed.  During this time, group sizes will be capped at 10 children and staff ratios will not exceed 1 staff per 10 children.

Modified Hours of Operation

In order to properly staff the facility, adapt to new classroom sizes and ratios, and provide additional staff for screening and cleaning, Sunshine Day Camp will modify the hours of operation to Monday-Friday, from 7:30am-5:30pm.

These hours of operation will be temporary and will change as requirements change.

Curbside Drop-Off & Pick Up

We will be offering curbside Drop Off at each of our three locations that open June 1.  For pick up, please come to facility and wait outside until your child is brought to you.  Please follow physical distancing as you wait.  The curbside drop off service will occur through the month of June, but may be modified thereafter.  To help with staffing and expedited screening, parents are encouraged to follow the arrival and drop off times below.  If you need to drop off or pick up outside of the below times, please inform your director.  Parents are asked to drop off and pick up their children at the following times:

  • Drop Off Time: Between the hours of 7:30am-9:00am.
  • Pick Up Time: Between the hours of 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Daily Health Screening & Self-Certification

Staff and children who are displaying ANY symptoms of illness will NOT be permitted to enter the building.  Parents are asked to be vigilant by looking for COVID-19 symptoms of their child by properly pre-screening and self-certifying they are well before bringing them to the facility (e.g. no fever or other illness symptoms).  Once arriving to the facility, all children will be screened by asking a series of short questions and then taking their body temperature using a non-touch thermometer.  See Sunshine Day Camp’s COVID-19 Plan of Operation for details on the pre-screening and screening process.

Anyone with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their household must remain out of our centers for 14 days per CDC and Country recommendations.   Confirmed COVID-19 cases must receive medical clearance to return.

Face Covering Requirement

Current LA County health orders require persons to wear a cloth face covering when in public places.  This is also a Department of Social Services requirement for children and staff when inside the building.  Unless there is a disability or other qualifying reason, all staff and children must wear a face covering. 

If your child is unable wear a face covering please notify your director for approval prior to showing up to the center.  A doctor’s note will be required if your child is unable to wear a face covering.  Parents are encouraged to send a spare face covering as a backup for their child.

Sunshine Day Camp will provide every child with at one free cloth face covering for every child enrolled in our summer program (quantities will be limited due to demand).  The cloth face covering provided is not a medical grade face covering and is meant to help supplement your own coverings.

Travel Restrictions

Parents and staff are encouraged to monitor reputable news outlets regarding the spread of COVID-19.  This includes places that you or your family may be visiting in the near future. Sunshine Day Camp will follow CDC recommendations regarding travel, including:

  1. Individuals who travel outside of the country will require a 14-day period before being able to return to the facility.
  2. Individuals who travel within the United States to areas where COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring should follow all CDC travel recommendations regarding self-isolation before returning to the facility.
  3. Self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms after returning from travel (2-14 days).

Tuition & Billing

Tuition is due on the Monday of the week you are attending.  Invoices will be sent out the Friday before.  If you are a Priority #1 family (guaranteed weekly care), tuition will be charged and due every Monday, regardless of attendance.  Priority #2 families are charged for the weeks they have selected, also regardless of attendance.  Electronic/auto payments can be set up online through Kangarootime (see director for help).

Tuition Changes/Cancellation: Reduction or cancellation to your tuition must be done with at least 10 days written notice.  Adding care will be subject to availability.

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Sunshine Day Camp has been working closely with State and Local Health officials to provide safe and quality care during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sunshine Day Camp provides childcare options for families in the Santa Clarita Valley, including the Castaic School District, Newhall School District, and Sulphur Springs School District.