We're unique, and you’ll notice it the minute you walk in.

At Sunshine Day Camp, we’re committed to a higher standard of excellence and quality in child care. We strive to be a place where parents are excited about leaving their children because they know they’ll be cared for in a safe and loving environment.

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You have an excellent program and have brought so much enjoyment to the children–as well as the parents–of the Santa Clarita Valley. I would like to compliment you on your amazing program and all of your staff!


Mission first-class and fun!

We focus on providing high-quality programs in a balanced learning environment where academic excellence, socialization, and character training work together to produce a well educated, responsible, and respectful child. We shape a secure, moral, and “special” atmosphere that each child happily looks forward to every day!

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School Age Program

Grades K-6, before and after school

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Summer Camp

Entering Grades K-9

What else makes us extraordinary?

A Curriculum that Builds Strong Character

Building character is important as children mature. That’s why our  character program is built into the very fabric of Sunshine Day Camp. Subjects include gratitude, personal responsibility, respect for others, and the value of compassion and caring. Each month, our school focuses on a particular character trait and its definition. Children are encouraged to be respectful, kind, polite, honest, and fair. When they display these traits, they receive praise and positive reinforcement. Sunshine Day Camp staff work closely with parents to strengthen these traits in both the school and home environment.

Monthly character trait list

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Most importantly…

Sunshine Day Camp provides peace of mind for families.

When you can’t be with your child, know that they’re well taken care of by our highly qualified and trained staff. All of our Sunshine Day Camp “counselors” undergo a complete background check, extensive training, and child development education. These requirements, combined with strong moral character and playful personalities, make them excellent role models.

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