Sunshine Day Camp at Mitchell opened its doors in June of 2014. Sunshine Mitchell services children and families at Mitchell, Pinetree, and Sulphur Springs Elementary schools.

This is our 4th year with Sunshine Day Camp Mitchell and we couldn’t be happier! We are very pleased with the quality of care provided for our son and daughter. The staff is wonderful—every single one of them! They are caring, attentive, and very patient with the kids. I am comforted to know that when I drop off my kids, they’re in good hands. Thank you, Sunshine!


We really enjoy Sunshine on the Mitchell campus. Our children have attended this location for over 3 years now and can’t think of them being anywhere else. The option to drop off and pick up from school are huge pluses as they are very convenient for our busy schedules. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and the kids love them.


Sunshine Day Camp Mitchell

Director Danielle Thompson

Camp Name: Malibu

Danielle, born and raised right here in Santa Clarita, began with Sunshine Day Camp in 2012.  Danielle loves children and the Sunshine Day Camp program! She is well-known in the Sunshine Day Camp family as a dedicated, motivated, and energetic leader. She most recently worked at our Valencia Valley facility before taking the director position at Mitchell in June of 2019. During her tenure with us, Danielle has been a counselor, assistant director, and the interim director at our Valencia Valley location.  In addition to working at Sunshine Day Camp, Danielle brings with her a great deal of educational experience in the field, including all required credentials as required by the Department of Social Services.   

Danielle is a local resident of Santa Clarita.

The greatest thing about Sunshine Day Camp is our staff.

Sunshine Day Camp “counselors” combine fresh, creative ideas with high energy to create a lively learning environment for your child. Many are college graduates and many others are teachers-in-training. And, their playful personalities and strong moral character make them excellent role models. Inspired by our fun, summer camp atmosphere, each counselor has a nickname, too. Whether you’re talking to Cricket, TicTac, Peanut, or any other staff member, you’ll notice our most outstanding quality right away—we really love kids!

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