Sunshine Day Camp at Fair Oaks opened its doors in August of 2002. Sunshine Day Camp Fair Oaks services children and families at Fair Oaks and Golden Oak Elementary schools.

Sunshine Day Camp Fair Oaks Ranch

Director Ashley McPhee

Camp Name: Star

Ashley is a familiar face at Sunshine Day Camp, as she started with our organization back in 2019.  During her tenure with us, she has worked as a counselor, preschool teacher, and various administrative roles, including directing our Mitchell location.  Ashley moved over to director our Fair Oaks location in the summer of 2023.

Ashely has a bachelor’s degree in educational studies and is currently working on completing her master’s degree.  Additionally, she has all other required credentials as mandated by the Department of Social Services to be a facility director.

In addition to her educational and work experience, Ashley’s personality and work ethic make her a favorite with the staff and children.

The greatest thing about Sunshine Day Camp is our staff.

Sunshine Day Camp “counselors” combine fresh, creative ideas with high energy to create a lively learning environment for your child. Many are college graduates and many others are teachers-in-training. And, their playful personalities and strong moral character make them excellent role models. Inspired by our fun, summer camp atmosphere, each counselor has a nickname, too. Whether you’re talking to Cricket, TicTac, Peanut, or any other staff member, you’ll notice our most outstanding quality right away—we really love kids!



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