Sunshine Day Camp Oak Hills opened its doors at Oak Hills Elementary in the fall of 2005. Sunshine Day Camp Oak Hills services children and families at Oak Hills and Northlake Hills Elementary.

Sunshine Day Camp Oak Hills

Director Kylee Welch

Kylee joined our Sunshine Day Camp team at the Oak Hills location back in 2020, and she’s been making a big difference ever since. With a Bachelor’s degree in History Education, plenty of Early Childhood Education courses under her belt, and all the right credentials from the Department of Social Services, she’s got the perfect mix of knowledge and passion for her role as our Oak Hills Facility Director.

Kylee is all about creating a warm and stimulating environment for our kids. Her commitment and innovative approach not only enrich the children’s daily experiences but also highlight her invaluable role and the unique impact she brings to our team.

The greatest thing about Sunshine Day Camp is our staff.

Sunshine Day Camp “counselors” combine fresh, creative ideas with high energy to create a lively learning environment for your child. Many are college graduates and many others are teachers-in-training. And, their playful personalities and strong moral character make them excellent role models. Inspired by our fun, summer camp atmosphere, each counselor has a nickname, too. Whether you’re talking to Cricket, TicTac, Peanut, or any other staff member, you’ll notice our most outstanding quality right away—we really love kids!


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