Sunshine Day Camp was on the campus of Pinetree Elementary for many years. In 2014, we needed to move off campus for the school to do renovations. We are excited to be back on campus at Pinetree beginning January 2018.

Cynthia Wood

Sunshine Day Camp Pinetree

Director Tiffany Keen

Camp Name: TicTac

Tiffany has been working at Sunshine Day Camp since January of 2016.  Her love for children and her commitment to detail has led her to multiple promotions including school-age teacher, assistant director, and interim program director.  During her years at Sunshine Day Camp, she has shown a tremendous amount of leadership and dedication, and has excelled at every position she has taken. 

In addition to working at Sunshine Day Camp, Tiffany brings with her a great deal of educational experience in the field, including all required credentials as required by the Department of Social Services.   She has a huge heart and is a valuable asset at Sunshine Day Camp.

The greatest thing about Sunshine Day Camp is our staff.

Sunshine Day Camp “counselors” combine fresh, creative ideas with high energy to create a lively learning environment for your child. Many are college graduates and many others are teachers-in-training. And, their playful personalities and strong moral character make them excellent role models. Inspired by our fun, summer camp atmosphere, each counselor has a nickname, too. Whether you’re talking to Cricket, TicTac, Peanut, or any other staff member, you’ll notice our most outstanding quality right away—we really love kids!

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