11Welcome to the Sunshine school-age program! We provide peace of mind for parent; a clean, enthusiastic environment managed by competent trustworthy people. Our staff is professional, communicative, caring, creative, and a lot of fun!

In our school-age program, we strive for a summer camp atmosphere all year round. We sing, play, do crafts, and may even get some grass stains. The goal is to provide a fun environment, not just babysitting. We do all of these things while keeping the kids’ bodies and personal belongings safe. We absolutely have safety foremost in our minds, but we are proud of the fact that we have a lot of fun at Sunshine.

While it’s good to have fun, it is important to have structure and purpose. Sunshine’s curriculum is second to none when it comes to recreational school-age programs.  Although the educational focus is at the elementary school, Sunshine provides a daily quiet homework time for children in grades 1-6. Our program also has a recreational component and extracurricular opportunities including art, science, cooking, dramatic play, and more! Additionally, we provide growth in character development through our monthly character trait focus.

A Peak of a Typical Day

Every day at Sunshine is unique for the children because we have many different special activities and events for them to participate in. But here is a look at a “typical” Sunshine Day…

6:30-8:30 Morning Care-A calm atmosphere is provided to prepare the children for the school day.
8:30-11:00 Morning Kindercare-Crafts, circle time, activities, outside games, stories, and singing times.
12:00-2:00 Afternoon Kindercare
2:00-3:00 Story Time, Snack Time, “Catch Up On The Day” Time
3:00-4:00 Homework/Outside Freeplay
4:00-5:00 Sunshine’s First Activity Hour- Crazy Cooking, Watercolors, Leaf Prints, Trash Wars, Room Decorations, Kid City, Pictionary, American Gladiators, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Science
5:00-6:00 Sunshine’s Second Activity Hour- Freeze Dance, Puppet Shows, Bingo, Holiday Theme Crafts, Capture The Flag, Fruit & Cheese Kabobs, Cookie Decorating
6:00-6:30 Extended Care

Sunshine Homework Club

At Sunshine, we realize how busy you are as a parent. Arriving home to find your child still has an hour of homework can be frustrating. Sunshine is proud to offer a quality “Homework Club” for all children enrolled in our afterschool program (typically grades 1-6).

Each day children signed up in Homework Club will be able to take advantage of:

Up to One hour and 15 minutes of homework time
Small groups, with a counselor assigned to help with homework
Homework completion certification, or notification of what is left (see director for details)
Daily reporting of homework and comments from staff

If you are not taking advantage of this great service, just let us know how you can sign up. There is no additional cost! Let us help your child complete their homework, or at least get a good start on it!  This way you can spend your evening doing more enjoyable things with your child.

Tuition Pricing

Our current tuition pricing can be found by calling any of our center locations.  Below you can find a sample pricing guide, which is for informational purposes only.  Please check with your specifc afterschool location for updated tuition sheets.

Sample 2017-2018 Tuition Schedule


To start the enrollment process, please visit the center your child will attend.  While there, you will be able to tour the facility, meet the director and staff, and determine if there is availability in the program.  Some of our facilities are full and operate on a waiting list.  If there is availability, you will receive enrollment paperwork to complete the enrollment process.

Not sure where the nearest Sunshine location is?  You can find each center’s contact information by clicking here.